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Methods of Teaching

I teach both through Zoom and in person.  Whether you are a piano teacher looking for some coaching on a difficult passage in your repertoire or how to play with more ease or to learn new piano repertoire, someone looking to brush up on or improve your piano skills, learn some improvisation or how to play from a lead sheet, we can pursue those goals together.

My Philosophy of Teaching and Making Music

It's simple, really.  I believe that expression of music is a gift, and that creativity should be explored.  Freedom of expression comes with ease of movement.  Through my teaching and my playing, I try to incorporate this ease in myself and in my students.  No matter what the level or style of playing is, ease of movement brings deeper expression, more beauty, more spontaneity, and a more satisfying musical experience.  While I believe in musical excellence, I also believe in encouragement, and that excellence means different things depending on the student.  Studying music and expressing oneself through music is enriching for all of life.

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